NORA MARTI is the new line of intermediation of the ATICO Group that directly covers those apartments, not necessarily penthouses, which have a special character. That character can be given by zone, by distribution or by the level of qualities.

In NORA MARTI we have a work methodology, which is based on three main pillars: honesty from the beginning of any commercial relationship, the quality of our management and the efficiency of our team. This is what makes our clients have full confidence in us.

And then, our way of working with the products we have for sale. With maximum transparency and ease access by our customers both electronically through our website, and graphically in the main advertising media.

To give the best service, at NORA MARTI we use the latest technologies when it comes to showing our products. With the aim of maximizing the search for the ideal home, we have set up a website where our clients can appreciate all the characteristics of our products through careful photos, and can even walk through their future apartment making virtual visits. Obviously, that also favors the owners since the filtering of visits is exhaustive. Our clients know from the beginning what they are going to see.

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    Sales method


    • We perform a free appraisal according to market prices.


    • We offer the property to clients from our database
    • Placing the sales poster
    • Announcements in local and international press
    • Publication in online portals


    • Personal interviews with the seller
    • Sales negotiations
    • Reports of visits and negotiations


    • Buyer assistance in your new property
    • Service of entering the property
    • Assistance and contact with the seller